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Exterior Insulating Finish System

Who needs an EIFS inspection?

  • If you have a home with artificial stucco in exposed areas, you should have an EIFS inspection every year. 
  • Buying or selling an EIFS home you need one.
  • Are you thinking about litigation?
  • Does your home have a musty or mildew smell?
  • Do you have stains on or around your windows?
  • Are you finding cracks in the EIFS walls around windows?
  • Have cracks appeared on walls with no windows?
  • Do you have a two storey house?
  • Have you had termites?

Why does EIFS have problems?

Most of the problems associated with EIFS will be related to poor or improper installation.  The installation contractor initially did not follow the prescribed instructions from the manufacture of the product and many times the contractors applicators have never attended any formal schooling on the products offered by the manufacture.

How is the inspection done?

All of our inspectors are EDI certified.  The most modern and up to date electronic scanning equipment is used. We use TRAMEX and Delmhorst equipment. Photographs will document areas of concern. A database of the property may be stored for future inspections as needed. No holes or cuts (Core Sample) are made unless the owner is consulted and a written release obtained.  Taking a "Core Sample" this is the only true way to view the interior wall damage and is needed on all litigation inspections.  The "Core Sample" is a 2" x 3" cut through all layers of material.  All of the damaged materials are collected and retained as needed.  The sample site is then covered with a stainless steel cover plate and sealed for water tightness.  Usually only one sample is required.  The average inspection will take about 2 hours on site. Results are sent via email within 24 hours.

Can my house be sold if it has EIFS on it?

YES, although 90% of homes with EIFS have some type of moisture related problem. If you show prospective buyers that your home has been inspected and that you have made the needed repairs and or adjustments, you may have actually increased your chances of a quicker sale and a higher market value.

EIFS inspections are expensive.

Not in comparison to buying an EIFS home and finding out 6 months later that you have a major moisture problem with damaged interior framing and mold issues.

What is the Cost?

The EIFS inspection is included in the quote with our normal home inspection, if it is for a buyer. EIFS inspections without a home inspection are quoted by each job.   Our price is based on the amount of time we spend on site.  We travel across the state and adjoining states, please call for rates out of the Nashville Tennessee. area.

Our EIFS inspectors are Certified through EDI.  Certification number MS-02


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